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Ways To Work With Me

Below are my current offerings, if you're unsure of anything, please book a free discovery call with me and I can answer any questions!
I'd love to hear from you.

If you want to discover more about YOU and learn more about the magical astrological blueprint of your children and how they connect this is for YOU!

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Image by Alexander Andrews

A 4 month coaching package, work with me 1:1. Let's go on an epic journey together!

Holding space for YOU


Create Space, Dig Deep & Transform

Moon Stages

Parent/Child Birth Chart Package

This package is for YOU if you want to:

  • Take a DEEP dive learning more about YOU

  • You want to lean into your true authentic self

  • You want to explore your childs magical blueprint and their authentic self

  • You want to get curious about more ways you can connect with yourself but also with your child.


What's included:

3 x 1hr coaching calls over zoom

1st call - Your birth chart

2nd call - Your childs (*limit of 2 children in the call)

3rd Call - Exploring both charts together

*Bespoke packages can be discussed if you have more than 2 children.


£333 for whole package

Reading birth charts is an absolute privilege and deciding to make space for you to have your own chart read is such a gift for YOU!

It's a profound experience to just allow the conversation to solely be about you and what makes you, YOU!

When was the last time you gave your self space to do that?

Then digging into my children's big three has massively helped me navigate parenting.


I don't have it all figured out, I don't have answers or parenting solutions.


But I have found that understanding my girls big three (sun, moon and rising sign) has helped me connect with them, really see them and made me (most of the time!) parent them in a totally different way, that is aligned with who they truly are.

Looking at my true essence in my birth chart has made me grow and change in ways I'm truly grateful for and having little golden nuggets of information about my girls astrological blueprint has helped me so much, I just needed to share this with other parents.

Payment plans are available.

Click the button below to book now! 

Image by Alexander Andrews

Scorpio Moon Coaching Package

If you're ready to see yourself as a PRIORITY.

You want to invest in YOU. You want change and growth but you don't know where to start.

YOU want to feel supported as you navigate this new path.


Jump into 4 months of 1:1 coaching with me!

What's Included:

8 x Coaching Calls Across 4 Months ( 2 x calls a month)


Jenna in your pocket!!

(voice note coaching 3 days a week!)



 I will bring all my tools, expertise, perspective and listening ears to hold SPACE for you to go out there and smash it!

I can help you work towards a goal for your business or personal life OR if you just need want MORE but you just don't know what that is yet!! That's totally fine by me, I've been there!!


I can help you get to a place of clarity but we need the time and space to do that!

Why is it called The Scorpio Moon Coaching Package?

Scorpio energy is all about digging deep, getting to the bottom of things and not being afraid to go there.

Scorpio is all about death and rebirth and TRANSFORMATION baby! It's about realising that things have to die or change in order for space to be made so that new things, new beginnings can come in!!

But change is scary AF!! It's coded within us to stay in our comfort zones, it keeps us safe so when we step out of that comfort is challenging to say the least!

It's hard to do on your own, so I can be there to support and walk beside you (virtually!) as you navigate that change!!

The last thing I want to say is that I have an incredible coach!


Investing in myself was the best thing I've ever done for myself. I still remember the feeling, and it honestly makes me emotional thinking about it!

Because investing in yourself can feel so hard to do!


There is always something else to buy or someone who needs a new coat, or it's just not the 'right' time!


But when you make that decision to invest in YOU, it's pure MAGIC!


You'll never forget the day you decided to put YOU first and make a commitment to your growth!

Payment plans are available.

Click the button below to book a call to discuss it all, I'll answer any questions and check the vibe is right!


Coaching Call Bundle

This option is for coaching calls only.

  • Holding space for YOU

  • Space to change and grow

  • Get direction in your personal and business life

  • Thrive by investing in YOU

What's included:

4 X 1hr Coaching Calls

To be used within 6 months


You'll never forget the day you decided to put YOU first and make a commitment to your growth!

Payment plans are available.

Click the button below to book a call with me to check the vibe is right and I'll answer any questions before we get started!!

Thanks for submitting!

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