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What My Clients Say

 Have a looksie below and read what my clients have to say......

I found my birth chart reading with Jenna super interesting, and was amazed by the parallels to my (past and present) life that she was able to pull out.  

I didn’t really know what to expect as I knew very little about the process, but it gave me such food for thought for some key development areas for me.  

She’s so warm and easy to talk to - she made a very complex process clear and interesting, and had clearly spent a lot of time preparing for our one on one session.

Loved it, and would really recommend to anyone.

Camilla Cooper

Thank you so much for my Moon Alignment session, I ABSOLUTELY LOVED it!

I've always been interested in the moon and working with it but I've always found information about it a bit overwhelming to sift through especially as a busy mum!

You simplified it so well and I really feel I now understand how to use the cycle to my advantage!

Thank you so much xxx

I had no idea what to expect having my birth chart read with Jenna but it’s honestly blown my mind.

So much makes sense to me since finding out more about my moon sign especially.

So much of what Jenna said was on point, and she held space to chat through how certain things have shown up in my life so far which were really important for me to understand.

The readings for my children were really interesting, and important for me to know how to support them best throughout theIr lives.

Jenna has this unique ability to talk about complex ideas in a really simple, chilled way.

So if you're new to this moon magic/astrology stuff but intrigued and not sure where to start, Jenna is the girl you need to start your journey in the best possible way.

Jenna really knows her stuff!

I have never really got on with coaching and setting goals in the traditional way, but affirmations and intentions are my bag and Jenna’s session to get you aligned is amazing!!

You seriously need to check her out!

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