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My Birth Chart Packages

Ways To Explore Your Astrological Blueprint

I love reading birth charts, it's an absolute privilege and I always feel incredibly grateful when someone gives me the opportunity. I remember having mine read for the first time and feeling like it was the biggest gift I could of given myself at that moment.

It's a profound experience to just allow the conversation to solely be about you and what makes you, YOU!

The Atlas Of You(1080 x 1350 px) (3).png


 6 month 1:1 self discovery deep dive into your astrological blueprint.


I've created a longer 1:1 journey for YOU to explore your birth chart, which is a MAGICAL map of you!


What's included: 
12 x 1hr calls over zoom

(2 x calls a month all recorded)


*Or 6 x Payments of £222

Each call focuses on each individual planet so it gets the attention and love is deserves…

Your Sun – how you shine/what lights you up

Your Venus – how you want to be loved

Your Mars – what's your motivation/passion

Your Jupiter – how you can expand

Your Chiron – what's your souls wound

Your North node – what’s your souls purpose

And so much more!!!!


Using witchy skills, tailored reflective practices, meditation, tarot, shadow work and......

Seeing what the planets are doing right now and how they are activating your birth chart!! Especially exciting as we approach eclipse season – starting end of March!

So this an amazing opportunity to see how this eclipse season is going to affect you!!

And of course seeing how each New Moon and Full Moon is affecting your chart, and what area of life it is highlighting! 

Please note: you need to know your birth time.

The Parent Child
Birth Chart Package

Take a DEEP dive learning more about YOU, learning more about your true authentic self but also explore your childs magical blueprint and their authentic self.

Explore and get curious about the ways you can connect with yourself but also with your child.

What's included:

1st call - Your birth chart

2nd call - Your childs (*limit of 2 children in the call)

3rd call - Exploring both charts together


*Payment plans are available (dm or email me to arrange)


Digging into my children's big three has massively helped me navigate parenting.


I don't have it all figured out, I don't have answers or parenting solutions.


But I have found that understanding my girls big three (sun, moon and rising sign) has helped me connect with them, really see them and made me (most of the time!) parent them in a totally different way, that is aligned with who they truly are.

Having these little golden nuggets of information about my girls has helped me so much, that I just needed to share this with other parents and caregivers.

Please note: you need to know all birth times

The Partnership
Birth Chart Package

Discover, get curious and learn about your astrological blueprint but also your partners.

Reveal your authentic self and gift this to your partner too!


We'll pay close attention to your moon, venus and chiron placements and how they can help you see and understand one anothers needs and woundings.

All done with kindness, compassion, safety and with total confidentiality. In the hope of you both achieving more connection and understanding in your relationship.

What's Included:

 3 x 1hr calls over zoom

1st call - Your birth chart

2nd call - Your partners

3rd call - Exploring both charts together


*Payment plans are available (dm or email me to arrange)

This package can be done by yourself or with your partner, feel into what feels good to you.

As a suggestion, you could each have a solo birth chart reading with me and then have the final call together reflecting on what you've learned and areas for connection. Or your partner could join you on all the calls! 

It's up to you! Choose what feels right and aligned for you.

Please note: you need to know all birth times

The Self Discovery Package

Explore your magical, unique astrological blueprint and get curious about all the ways to reveal who YOU are! 

What's included: 
3 x 1hr calls over zoom

(all recorded)


*Payment plans are available (dm or email me to arrange)


Discover your chart with added moon magic, kick ass coaching and witchy vibes thrown in for extra magical measure.

Please note: you need to know your birth time.

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