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About ME

Becoming The Scorpio Moon Coach

Hello lovely, I’m Jenna. The Scorpio Moon Coach.


Moon Magic, Astrology and Self Discovery are my jam!!

I haven’t always been a coach, for a long time, I was a PA, then I started my own biz as a VA (virtual assistant) but it just wasn’t lighting me up, something was missing.

After the birth of my second daughter, in 2021, every single part of me craved, something that was purely mine, at the time I had no idea what that was, I just knew things needed to change.

Enter 2022…

Last year, was one of the biggest of my life….

✨ I decided to ditch VA life and dive into coaching
✨ I started asking for what I need
✨ I started following my intuition
✨ I realised my marriage wasn’t working and we amicably separated
✨I set up a new home for my girls and I 
✨I started navigating co-parenting

It was a year!


And so much of this has been down to moon magic, discovering my birth chart, astrology and making space to learn more and more about what makes me ME! 

2023 was all about keeping in alignment with myself and what lights me up and teaching you how to do the same.

I’m so fucking grateful you’re here!!

My mission, my soul purpose, is to pass this on to as many humans as possible!


Because we all need reminding to prioritise ourselves and that our ambitions and dreams can be realised!!

My favourite thing is having open, deep and honest conversations .

If you'd like a free chat to learn about the ways I can support you, click the button below to schedule a call!

I've connected with some pretty spectacular, wonderfully, supportive humans on this journey so far and would love to chat to more of you!


So please get in touch and say hello!

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