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Jenna - The Scorpio Moon Coach

About Me

Hello you, I’m Jenna.


The first thing you need to know about me is......I am OBSESSED with self discovery and becoming more and more ME every day!


I'm not afraid to go down into the depths of my soul and do the work to discover the blocks that are getting in my way (that's all my Scorpio placements in my birth chart!)


Over the last three years, I've truthfully had a spiritual awakening and have been using a ton of MAGICAL TOOLS to help move closer to who I truly am meant to be in this lifetime.


Working with the moon, astrology and discovering my birth chart have been MONUMENTAL, life changing, guiding lights for me, so much so, that I am passionate about passing this self discovery wisdom on to others.

In the summer of 2021, I had my birth chart read for the first time and it absolutely BLEW MY MIND. It was almost like the lights came back on and I was being told about parts of me that had been totally hidden and out of reach from me for such a long, long time. 

Not long after that birth chart reading......the following things started to shift and change as I stepped more and more into who the fuck I truly am........

✨ I left my 9-5 as a PA in the media industry

✨ I set up my own business as a virtual assistant and started getting clients

✨ I kept being drawn to the moon, learning and aligning myself with her

✨ I started to lead myself, listening to my INTUITION and realised VA life was not for me

✨ I felt this MAGICAL pull to share what I had learned about the moon with others

✨ I said goodbye to my VA clients and started doing Moon Magic sessions and masterclasses

✨ I became obsessed with learning about astrology and birth charts and reading others charts more and more

✨ I started offering birth chart readings and helped others get AMAZING lightbulb moments

✨ In my personal life, I finally listened to my inner knowing that my marriage wasn’t working 

✨I amicably separated with my husband with so much love and we continue to be great friends today 
✨I set up a new home for my two girls and I that I totally love and MANIFESTED 


So much of this change and growth has been down to moon magic, discovering my birth chart, astrology and making space to learn more and more about what makes me ME! 

My secret weapon is keeping in alignment with myself and moving towards what lights me up.

And I want to teach you how to do the same.


Sidenote: I launched a podcast in July 2023 called

You're A Goddam Cheetah and it documents ALOT of the change above. 

Listen here.


I'm so excited for what 2024 is going to reveal and I’m so fucking grateful you’re here!

My soul purpose is to pass on the MAGICAL knowledge of SELF DISCOVERY to as many souls as possible so they can live their lives authentically and just be themselves.

My favourite thing is having open, deep and honest conversations about what makes you, YOU!!

If YOU are in need of some SELF DISCOVERY MAGIC, check out my Birth Chart Packages below.

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