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Image by Rod Long

I'm so glad you're here!

Hello you wonderful human, I’m Jenna aka The Scorpio Moon Coach.

Moon, astrology and self discovery is my jam!!

I’m so fucking grateful you’re here.

Want to know if you need this MAGIC in your life?


Answer me YOU ever feel....

  • Lost and bottom of every list

  • Exhausted and burnt out

  • Confused about who you are other than mum

  • You're wearing so many masks, you don't know who the real YOU is

  • Like you can't trust yourself

  • You want more but don't deserve it, or it's not for you

If you were nodding along....


Moon Magic, astrology and SELF DISCOVERY is for YOU!!


Following the moon, discovering my birth chart, making space and investing in my growth has shown me the importance of prioritsing my needs and dreams.


Trust me I know.


In the last 2 years I've gone from a PA, totally lost in motherhood in a marriage that wasn't working to a Moon Magic coach living her best life!! 

My mission, my soul purpose, is to pass this on to as many gorgeous humans as possible! Because we all need reminding to prioritise ourselves and that our ambitions and dreams can be realised!!

You are worthy of so much MORE!!

If you'd like a free chat to learn about the ways I can support you, click the button below to schedule a call!

I met with Jenna for a 1:1 Moon Alignment session.

There was so much clarity and permission in this space to work with the lunar cycle, as well as our own rhythm and flow.

Jenna is kind, caring and knowledgeable and I appreciate her support!

Jenna really knows her stuff! I have never really got on with coaching and setting goals in the traditional way, but affirmations and intentions are my bag and Jenna’s session to get you aligned is amazing!!

You seriously need to check her out!

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