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Yay! You're here! Welcome.

Hello you wonderful human, I’m Jenna aka The Scorpio Moon Coach.

Moon, astrology and self discovery is my jam!!

I’m so fucking grateful you’re here.

I can help YOU discover who you are underneath all the bullshit masks you've put on over the years.


Using the MAGIC of the moon, astrology and self love coaching, I help you UNLOCK who you are so you can start living your life authentically, just being YOU!!


I want you to realise YOU are MAGICAL, POWERFUL, CREATIVE, worthy of soooooo much LOVE and



Following the moon, discovering my birth chart, making space and investing in my growth has shown me the importance of prioritsing my needs and dreams.


Trust me I know.


In the last 3 years I've gone from a PA, totally lost in motherhood, in a marriage that wasn't working to a MAGICAL being living her best, truest life!!


I've never been more ME!

My soul purpose, is to pass this on to as many gorgeous humans as possible! Because......

You are worthy of so much MORE!!

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