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Ahhhh I bloody LOVE this module!!


It's so deeply important to me and I could talk about it for days!


Moon Magic is essentially all about tuning into nature, becoming aware of the ebb and flow of the phases of the moon. 


Then aligning yourself with the energies and leaning into what we need at each phase and all the MAGICAL benefits that follow!


We all know the moon affects the rise and fall of the tides (massive bodies of water!) so why would it not affect us in a similar way? Our bodies are 60% water after all!


In this module I break down in a super simple way the phases of the moon, what they mean and how to work with each one, including the New Moon, Full Moon and the Dark Moon!


We explore how working with the moon helps you to harness your intuition, manifestation and most importantly learn to REST more!!


 I can't wait for you to get started disovering Moon Magic and reaping it's MAGICAL benefits!!


The ReBirth Of You - Module 1 - Moon Magic

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