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Quick question.. do you ever think one of the below (if not all of them!)?

"I need space! I'm exhausted"

"Is this really it? I want MORE but I don't know where to start"

"I don't even know what I enjoy anymore."

"Something feels not quite right"

I get it lovely, read on...

When I became a mum my children were front and centre, I became completely lost in motherhood, my identity got put on hold, as I put everyone else's needs before my own.

Don't get me wrong, there were many heart bursting moments of joy, snuggles, giggles and wet kisses but I was exhausted from doing it all, holding it all together and never putting myself first.

I hit a point where I couldn't continue on any more.... I needed something more for myself, I needed to find me again.

Do you feel like you've lost your identity, but you've been so busy 'doing' that you haven't even realised?

You give all your love and affection away to everyone else and have none left for you.

​Do you have a dream that you often think about but immediately squash because ..."who am I to want more?", " I should be grateful for what I have", "This is good enough."

You have an idea but you don't think you can do it.

You want more but don't believe you can.

I have felt all the above, if you were like me, you just didn't see yourself as a priority.

Although, I didn't just wake up one morning and it magically happened! It took time and some MAGICAL TOOLS to get me to where I am today!

All of these tools are simple and are at your disposal inside The ReBirth Of You! It is my soul mission to teach YOU that you are worthy of love, prioritising your needs and dreams and for starting to fill your cup first!!

Stop abandoning yourself! And invest in YOU! Your growth and your self discovery!


Love Jenna xxx

The Scorpio Moon Coach

The ReBirth Of You - All 5 Modules

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