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Fall In Love With Crystals

I LOVE crystals.

I started collecting them a few years ago now and I can't get enough. Whether you believe or not in the energy and vibrations they radiate, you can't deny their natural beauty. They are dotted all around my home, giving a lovely energy to each room.

The only thing to remember when buying a crystal is to go for one/s that you are being drawn to, as they will most likely be the one/s that you will need right now. Because of this, crystals can be a great way of starting to tap back into your intuition as you are listening to that inner knowing and making a decision based on what you are instinctively called towards.

Crystals are a fantastic tool to use when setting moon intentions, a great way to teach you to look inwards! I use them a lot around the new moon and full moon. If you are interested in learning anymore about this in particular, you might like to book a Sole Luna Session with me. I'd love to hear from you!

As well as using crystals to decorate your home or adorn your body as gorgeous jewellery, you could place them next to you as you work if you need a bit of creativity or perhaps pop one in your pocket if you're heading out to an important meeting or first date and need a bit of a confidence boost.

The beauty of these magical rocks is that they don't have to be huge or even massively expensive you can still reap all of their magical qualities with a small stone - they may be small but they pack a powerful punch!

Here are some of the crystals that I have been using recently and why:

Fluorite – it's a transparent crystal and comes in many colours including: purple, green, yellow, black, clear and pink. I wear this crystal most days as a bracelet. It brings order to chaos (which often ensues when raising two small humans) and helps us realise that everything is developing just as it should (which I definitely need to remember when running my own business). It is also a good learning aid and increases concentration levels (again super useful when working as a virtual assistant and I need to get tasks done).

Citrine - is a wonderful crystal to use when manifesting as it helps you overcome feelings of being undeserving of abundance. It grants you mental clarity and charges up your creativity. I love having this one with me whenever I am working on a project that I'm a little unsure on and am starting to listen to that inner voice telling me that I can't do something. It gives me a little boost that I am deserving of success and that I am a creative person.

Amethyst – is such a beautiful stone and I'm sure that most people will have heard of it and no doubt own a piece of jewellery containing it. It encourages calm, peace and tranquility and in turn is the perfect crystal to help you get a good nights sleep. I often pop one under my pillow or I have one in the kids bedroom up on a shelf.

Amethyst encourages calm, peace and tranquility.

Rhodonite – this is one of my all time favourites. It's an emotional balancer, nurtures love, and grounds energy - all things which I constantly need as a mother. Sometimes I pop one in my pocket while I do bath and bed with the girls as it helps me stay calmer (at least most of the time, haha!) It is also said to heal emotional wounds and scars so can be a good one to perhaps meditate with.

Tigers Eye – again another beauty which I have dotted around my home, especially anywhere I am working as it helps with inner confidence and I often need a bit of that when self doubt starts to kick in. So this little crystal doesn't let that inner critic stick around for too long!

There are hundreds of wonderfully, magical crystals open for you to explore, these were just a few that I'm currently using. I'd I love to know if you own any crystals and which ones are your favourites and why you use them. Please comment below :)

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