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The Ultimate Manifestation Tool You Didn’t Know You Needed! 

This is THE tool to make your year truly magical.


Never miss a New Moon or Full Moon! They are COSMIC portals helping you create the life YOU want!

For only £9.99, you'll have a whole year of my moon guidance at your fingertips! AKA your phone! 

WTF To Do With The Moon To Manifest A Magical Month - LEAD MAGNET EBOOK (900 x 300 px) (7)

What You Get:

  • All Moon Phases: Automatically saved into your phone or device calendar. No more printing or missing out!

  • Exclusive Videos: Bespoke content for every New Moon and Full Moon to guide you through the moons energy.

  • Stay On Track: Simple reminders on what to do during each moon phase, keeping your manifestation momentum going!

  • Journal Prompts: Amazing prompts for EVERY moon to deepen your self-discovery and manifest the life you want!

  • Birth Chart Magic: Degree points of each New & Full Moon so you can see how each moon affects you uniquely 


Why You Need It:

FACT: This moon calendar is your ultimate tool to manifest a magical year.

For only £9.99, you'll have a whole year of moon guidance at your fingertips!

All these features are UNIQUE to the calendar, and will remind YOU of what to do with the added wisdom of astrology.

This is the ULTIMATE tool for Moon Mastery & manifesting the life YOU want!

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